Leather cuff for men with woven Kente from Ghana
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Royal Kente

Explore our collection of Kente cloth and leather bracelets, blending traditional African artistry with contemporary style. Our handcrafted bracelets showcase intricate patterns paired with premium leather for a sophisticated accessory.

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Meaningful Symbols

Discover our exquisite collection of dainty necklaces adorned with meaningful African and Egyptian symbols. Each necklace carries the rich cultural heritage of Africa and Ancient Egypt, beautifully crafted to symbolize timeless traditions and profound significance. Explore our handpicked selection of jewelry that merges elegance with cultural depth, perfect for those seeking to embrace history and style in one stunning piece.

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Beaded chain necklace for Women, Egyptian necklace for Women, Africa necklace for Women, Chain choker, Egyptian gift for her

Great Service!

Gorgeous necklace, careful packaging, very fast delivery!

Diane / Etsy

Africa necklace for women, Dainty Africa pendant necklace, Minimalist travel necklace, Ethnic necklace for women, African gifts


My daughter was very happy with her necklace and now wears it every day :-). Additionally, her sister now wants to have one too 😉 !

Katherine / Etsy

Africa pendant for Men, Gemstone bracelet for Men, Wood bracelet for Men, Beaded bracelet for Men, African gifts for Men


I love the article, I received it very quickly. Will definitely make more purchases.

Keith / Etsy


African Exfoliating Net

Discover vibrant exfoliating African bath nets – Gently rejuvenate your skin with our collection of colorful African bath nets. These exfoliating bath accessories, inspired by traditional African skincare practices, offer a revitalizing cleansing experience. Made from high-quality materials, these bath nets help exfoliate and cleanse, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and radiant. Explore a spectrum of hues and textures for an invigorating bath ritual like no other.

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